Funded Research Projects


Project #1 Benefit-Cost Analysis of NIRS Feeding Initiative for the Alberta Livestock and Crop Industry
Scott Jeffrey, Henry An, Jim Unterschultz, and Mary-Lou Swift
University of Alberta and AARD

Project #2  Consequential Life Cycle Assessment of Using Wood Pellets in Greenhouse Production to Replace Conventional Fuel Types
Paul J. Thomassin, Kakali Mukhopadhyay, and Réne Roy
McGill University

Project #3  Assessing The Effectiveness Of The Natural Advantage Program
Peter Boxall, Stephanie Simpson, Curtis Rollins
University of Alberta and Alberta Land Institute

Project #4  Red-Assiniboine Project (RAP): Determining Economic Costs for Land Management Scenarios for Boyne, Little Saskatchewan, and La Salle Watersheds
Scott Jeffrey, Vic Adamowiz, Manikarnika Kanjilal, Catalina Solano Rivera, Qing Chen, Jim Unterschultz,
Aung Moe
University of Alberta and AARD


Project #1 Implicit Prices of Habitat Conservation Easements
Chad Lawley
University of Manitoba

Project #2 An assessment of PEI’s Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS) program, 2008-11
Van Lantz and Libby Johnston
University of New Brunswick

Project #3 Weather Indexes as a Guide to Facilitate Planting of Winter Wheat and Conservation of Migratory Waterfowl Habitat
Kees van Kooten, Scott Jeffrey, and Jim Unterschultz
University of Victoria and University of Alberta

Project #4 A study of the Attitudes and Awareness to Carbon Offset Protocols in Alberta’s Agricultural Community
Brent Swallow and Onnolee Nordstrom
University of Alberta

Project # 5 Consumption Based Carbon Taxes: feasibility and WTO consistency
Carol McAusland and Nouri Najjar
University of British Columbia

Project # 6 A Comparative Analysis of Environmental Best Management Practices by Canadian Farmers
James Vercammen and Hossein Ayouqi
University of British Columbia


Project #1 Valuation of Ecosystem Services Produced on Agricultural Lands for the Beaver Hills Initiative Pilot TDC Program
Marian Weber and Peter Boxall
University of Alberta

Project #2 Valuing Agricultural Land Assets in the System of National Accounts: A Hedonic Pricing Approach
Paul J. Thomassin
McGill University



Project #1 Economic Analysis of Single versus Multiple Species Approaches to Meeting Species at Risk Act Objectives on Agricultural Landscapes
Dr. Vic Adamowicz, Dr. Peter Boxall, and Alicia Entem
University of Alberta

Project #2 Explaining Agri-Environmental Stewardship Adoption in Canada: A State of Knowledge Review
Dr. Ben Bradshaw and Dr. Wanhong Yang and Elizabeth Holmes
University of Gelph

Project #3 Do Farmland Ownership Patterns Explain Variation in Farmland Rental Rates?
Dr. Brady Deaton, Dr. Alfons Weersink and Dr. Karl Meilke
University of Guelph

Project #4 Border Tax Adjustments on Food Imports
Dr. Sumeet Gulati and Tegan Adams
University of British Columbia

Project #5 Ecological Goods and Services in BC Agriculture: Studying Nutrient Management in the Lower Fraser Valley
Dr. Sumeet Gulati and Karen Ageson
University of British Columbia

Project #6 Review of the Literature on Control of Nutrients in Several Watersheds
Dr. Gary Johnson, Dr. Donald Flaten and Dr. Derek Brewin
University of Manitoba

Project #7 A Performance-Based Approach to Agri-Environmental Policy in Canada: Development and Comparative Assessment
Dr. Ken Belcher, Dr. Mike Quinn and Julia Baird
University of Saskatchewan

Project #8 Climate Change Impacts on Waterfowl Habitat in Western Canada
Dr G. Cornelis van Kooten, Dr. Barrie Bonsal, and Dr. Terry Prowse
University of Victoria

Project #9 Water Cultures and Irrigation Farming in Alberta
Dr. John Parkins, Gaylene Halter, Mike Kennedy
University of Alberta

Project #10 Gathering Farm Level Production Information and BMP Preference
Dr. Paul J. Thomassin, Dr. Laurie Baker, Réne Roy and Mathieu Gourdes-Vachon
McGill University