Completed Research Projects


Evaluating the Impact of Climate Change on Canadian Prairie Agriculture [ PDF ]
Hossein Ayouqi and James Vercammen
University of British Columbia


Weather Indexes as a Guide to Facilitate Planning of Winter Wheat and Conservation of Migrating Waterfowl Habitat [ PDF ]
G. Cornelis van Kooten and Fan Zhang
University of Victoria

Calculating net present values for grassland conservation activities within Saskatchewan’s milk river watershed [ PDF ]
Alicia Entem, Wiktor Adamowicz and Peter Boxall
University of Alberta

Assessing The Effectiveness Of The Natural Advantage Program [ PDF ]
Stephanie Simpson, Curtis Rollins and Peter Boxall
University of Alberta

Carbon Footprint Taxes [ PDF ]
Carol McAusland and Nouri Najjar
University of British Columbia

Does Tenure Status Influence the Adoption of Agricultural Management Practices? [ PDF ]
Karthik Nadella, Brady Deaton, Chad Lawley, and Alfons Weersink
University of Guelph and University of Manitoba


A survey of Farmer Perspectives on the PEI ALUS program [ PDF ]
Van Lantz, Toni Anderson, and Libby Johnston
University of New Brunswick

Implicit Prices of Habitat Conservation Easements [ PDF ]
Chad Lawley and Charles Towe
University of Manitoba


Do Farmland Ownership Patterns Explain Variation in Farmland Rental Rates? [ PDF ]
James Bryan, B. James Deaton, Alfons Weersink, and Karl Meilke
University of Guelph

Agri-Environmental Stewardship Adoption in Canada: A State of Knowledge Review and Annotated Bibliography [ PDF ]
Elizabeth Holmes, Ben Bradshaw, Wanhong Yang and John Smithers
University of Guelph

A performance-based approach to agri-environmental policy in Canada: Development and comparative assessment [ PDF ]
Julia Baird, Kenneth Belcher and Michael S. Quinn
University of Saskatchewan

A performance-based approach to agri-environmental policy in Canada: Development and comparative assessment [ PDF ]
G. Cornelis van Kooten, Patrick Withey and Linda Wong
University of Victoria


Social Norms and Wetland Drainage on Farmland in Western Canada: A Literature Review and Research Prospectus [ PDF ]
Carolyn Chenard and John R. Parkins
University of Alberta

Results of a Survey of Farm Level Production Information and BMP Preferences for the Bras d’Henri Sub-Watershed [ PDF ]
René Roy and Paul J. Thomassin
McGuill University