Network Objectives

LEARN activity is framed around development and analysis of economic policy in the area of agriculture and the provision of environmental goods and services (EGS). Network research will assist in the development of:

  • Improved understanding of the adoption of farm level management practices for the supply of EGS
  • Development and analysis of market-based instrument programs for the provision of EGS
  • The valuation of change in EGS both for policy implementation as well as outcome monitoring.

The expectation is that these elements will be integrated in the research program, leading to improved integration of policy analysis, implementation and evaluation from a multidisciplinary perspective.

However, LEARN is more than a research organization and is dedicated to communication and networking through the hosting and co-hosting of workshops, conferences and other foray. Central to this philosophy is the expectation that network research funds will form seed funds to leverage additional funding from other organizations. Many of these organizations and individuals therein are hoped to become partners in the network to increase the potential for networking and learning outcomes.